A little over one week ago, Wade and I returned to the USA from Italy. We had been yearning for an Italian getaway. So, more two years after Negranti Creamery was born, we left our baby and jetted off to the land of exceptional wine 

Two Things

1. WADE AND I TOOK A LITTLE ROAD TRIP…it was for business of course! We found a freezer to put in our ice cream truck on Craigslist. It was a couple hours south, but it was about 1/4 the price as a new one so 

A New View.

Last weekend Wade and his Dad put their tractor driving, tree hacking, and chainsaw operating skills to the test. And boy am I glad they did.

Living on property means constantly picking up, clearing, and maintaining the land. Well, when we bought our property it had sadly been neglected; to say uncared for would be an understatement. Read: Wade and I have about 10 years worth of picking up, clearing and maintaining to catch up on. One of the first things on my “things that have to go” list (other than the old truck we can’t seem to even give away), was this tree. It was dead, ugly, and blocking our beautiful view.

Here was our view with the big, ugly, half dead, ugly, tree.

old view

I mean, look at that sunset I was missing out on!

Here is Wade in the reach lift (his Dad is driving). He used a chainsaw to cut the bottom, then attached chains near the top of the trunk so they could safely pull the tree down.


Tree going down!

It’s never a dull moment at the farm… and tree down!


Drum-roll please…..

Our new view!!!

view 2


Don’t mind that odd, eye sore of an enclosed porch…I have plans for that too.

Ahh, the power of a chainsaw.

Enjoying the view,


Friday Night

It was Friday night and I heard my husband pull into the drive. I went outside to greet him… and I hear goats. Yep, goats. (typically a four letter word for us sheep people). Goat people are crazy, us sheep people are totally normal. Oh, 


Last week was a big week for our little creamery; we shipped out our first PALLET of ice cream! This pallet was shipped to our distributor in Northern CA. You see, as a small family company, we can’t be running around the state(s) delivering ice 

Two Years


Happy two year anniversary to my very favorite cowboy. Thank you for showing me what true love is.