Happy March

Sometimes you stop, take a moment, and realize how beautiful life is. I pulled into our drive this morning, saw the blue sky, blooming trees, green grass, heard birds chirping, our creek running, and it hit me; I am one stinkin’ lucky lady. I love 

A Productive Work Day / Run of the ‘Bulls’

Let me tell you about my super productive work day. First off, at the end of 2013 I decided to move my office back home. As much as I thought I would love having a space to separate work life from home life, I really 

The Honest to Goat Truth

I have something to come clean about. Remember those sweet goats I blogged about a while back (HERE)? Yes…well that was cute and all…but two days later those goats crawled under our fencing and took off. And we never saw them again. I gave them 

A New View.

Last weekend Wade and his Dad put their tractor driving, tree hacking, and chainsaw operating skills to the test. And boy am I glad they did. Living on property means constantly picking up, clearing, and maintaining the land. Well, when we bought our property it 

Friday Night

It was Friday night and I heard my husband pull into the drive. I went outside to greet him… and I hear goats. Yep, goats. (typically a four letter word for us sheep people). Goat people are crazy, us sheep people are totally normal. Oh,