After graduating from college in 2009, I was sitting at a desk job and knew working 9-5 was not for me. I had the wild idea to start a sheep dairy (yes, a sheep dairy!) and make ice cream from the milk. I had never milked an animal or made ice cream in my life… “details” as I say! In 2011 Negranti Creamery was founded and I’ve never looked back. We were the first to make 100% sheep’s milk ice cream in the United States for wholesale, and the first ice cream shop in the country to offer 100% sheep’s milk ice cream! I now work more than the 9-5 job I left – but the joy of this life path is something I wouldn’t trade. The adventure that is Negranti Creamery has led me on an incredible (life and culinary) journey. I am here to share my passion for food, design and modern-day HOME-Making.

In a time where ‘busy’ is the normal, I find beauty in taking time for a home-cooked meal, entertaining family and friends, putting together a thoughtful gift, or spending a few minutes to make your house your home.

I believe food, design, and life in general, doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. I hope to inspire you to find beauty in the simple things of life.

After a five year blogging-break, having two children, and growing the creamery, I am jumping back into this journal. My wish is to share my favorite recipes, simple entertaining ideas, stories of life on our farm, and inspire you to find beauty in the everyday.

– Alexis

NEGRANTI CREAMERY: At the creamery we produce all natural, artisan ice cream from 100% sheep’s milk. We put a lot of love into our ice cream, we hope you love it too.  www.negranticreamery.com

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