A Productive Work Day / Run of the ‘Bulls’

Let me tell you about my super productive work day.

First off, at the end of 2013 I decided to move my office back home. As much as I thought I would love having a space to separate work life from home life, I really missed having a home office. Working from home means, on days that I’m not in the creamery, I can catch up on Quickbooks, emails, and billing, AND throw a load of laundry in the wash between tasks. I find myself much more productive working from my home office. However, last Monday, this was not the case…

My Monday was off to a great start. I went to town early, made some deliveries, came back home and caught up on emails, did some billing, and was working on our wedding line up for the ice cream truck (HERE). At lunch I called my husband, asked him a couple questions and casually told him I had fed the horses that morning. In return, he causally asked me to also feed our steers. No problem.


I went downstairs to get the alfalfa (have I mentioned we live in a barn? Well we do. Which is why I walk downstairs to get hay…). Anyway, I got the alfalfa and off to the pasture I went. I saw the horses…and may have given them another flake (they gave me the look! I couldn’t help it), and kept walking. I didn’t see the steers. This particular pasture is only about 8 acres and is mostly visible from where I was. So carrying the flakes of alfalfa, I walked up and over the hill to see if they were near the second trough. No steers.

Naturally, like any sane and reasonable person would do, I looked at my dog and asked, “where are the cows Fred? Where are the cows!?”. He looked at me and took off running. I dropped the alfalfa and began following him. He took me to the other side of our property, down a steep, wooded hill, and into the creek. Lo and behold, there were the steers. In the creek bed, eating grass, and looking at Fred and I. At first I was proud of ol’ Fred, he led me right to them! And then I realized that he and his accomplice (our other dog Levi) must have ‘herded’ them through the pasture fence, to the other side of the property and into the creek. I was no longer amused.

The dogs and I tried to herd the steers right back up the way they came. But the steers didn’t want to cooperate. This was the beginning of an hour and forty-five minute (I am not even kidding) long chase of the steers. You could say we were having our own version of ‘run of the bulls’…but is was more like ‘crazy lady trampling through brush with dog and non-threatening steers ignoring her.’…

In my attempt to get the steers back, I marched up, I slid down, I hiked through thistle brush and poison oak, and trampled through the dead weeds in the dry creek bed. I had scrapes on my hands and legs and was 100% certain I was covered in poison oak. Over it was a MAJOR understatement.  At this point I was in the creek and decided to try a different tactic, clearly this ‘herding’ was not working in my favor. So I marched back up the hill, army crawled under our fence (umm…yes. I really did crawl under our fence. And yes I realize it’s a good thing we live where people can’t witness my ridiculous behavior), and grabbed the alfalfa I dropped in the steer-less pasture. Then, with the hay in tow, I army crawled back under the fence, slid down the hill, and tried bribing the creatures with the alfalfa. Well you know what? That didn’t work either. So I threw down the flakes, told the steers to forget it (they can understand me you know…), and headed back to our barn/house.

After wasting almost two hours of my day, I called my husband back. Explained what I had just endured, explained I wasn’t going back down there, and let him know the good news was that his steers did indeed get fed.

When Wade got home we saddled up the horses and headed down to the creek. We had those steers back in the pasture within 15 minutes. As soon as we shut the gate behind them I started laughing, seriously? Two hours of my day and it took two of us 15 minutes? I guess what they say is true ‘many hands make light work’… and less scratches, and no hiking, no poison oak, no skidding down hills, no army crawling , and no crazy-lady’s version of ‘run of the bulls’. Lesson learned.


And that was my productive day. It sure was a lot of work, just not the kind I anticipated on doing.

I am now reconsidering my home office.

Got to love Mondays,


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