The Honest to Goat Truth

I have something to come clean about. Remember those sweet goats I blogged about a while back (HERE)? Yes…well that was cute and all…but two days later those goats crawled under our fencing and took off. And we never saw them again. I gave them food, I gave them water, I gave them shelter. They even had Wade to follow around. And those buggers still ran off.

So about a week or so after those goats ‘moved on’, Wade brought home to MORE goats. (Because, you know, we had such great success with the first two). These goats were not nearly as tame as the first two but were extremely entertaining. They would goat-crawl under the fence during the day, eat weeds, cruise around the property, and at night they would goat-crawl themselves back under the fence into the pasture.

They never loved me enough to let me get close enough to snap a picture of them. However, they did love our horses. When I would ride in the arena, they would be in the arena. When I moved the horses to another pasture, they would go into the pasture. When I would ride around the farm, they would follow.


These goats really grew on Wade and I. Following us on horses, darting in and out of the pasture, never getting too close but just close enough…plus, they were great weed abatement tools!

And then last weekend the goats were gone. And they didn’t run away. You know how we know they didn’t run away? Because we ‘found’ one of them. I will spare details. We believe it was either a large fox (see photo below) or coyote. I am going to go ahead and believe that there is NO WAY it could have been a mountain lion. No way. I’m just going to keep telling myself that….let me believe it, OK?


{The fat happy fox in our drive way. Please don’t ask me what it said.}

So now we have no goats. And I don’t suspect we will be getting any more. I had to come clean with you all; farm life is not always cute goats and peaceful co-existing. And I couldn’t keep pretending that we were actually good goat keepers when in fact, both sets were gone.

We’re clearly not meant to be goat people, and that’s the honest to goat truth.


Sticking with cows and sheep,


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